Conference recordings

The recordings of the whole TECHNE’s conference On Transversality are now available until the end of February. There is so much interesting and thought provoking material here, I recommend watching just EVERYTHING! My participation is on Day 3, in the panel of Exile and Migration. Please feel free to share, and if you listen to… Continue reading Conference recordings

On Transversality conference

I’m delighted to share that I will be participating in this year’s TECHNE Conference: On Transversality in Practice and Research in the panel on Exile and Migration. In this panel, I will share my design work with Latin American immigrants and share some insights on why designers could be widening up the field of Design… Continue reading On Transversality conference

Published thesis – year 2

Friday of good news! My master thesis is now published and available for consult. 🎉 Collective weaving of territories: Exploring diasporic identities with Latin American Migrants. ABSTRACT This interaction design thesis contributes to the discussion in Decolonial design, and in particular it explores diasporic identities of Latin American migrants. Between adaptation and assimilation, several questions… Continue reading Published thesis – year 2

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Tejido de territorios de identidad: Presentación en español

Bienvenidos a la presentación en español de mi tesis de maestría de diseño de interacción, el próximo 26 de septiembre a las 18:00 hrs. Suecia / 11:00 hrs. México. SÍNTESIS Esta tesis de diseño de interacción contribuye a la discusión sobre el diseño decolonial, y en particular explora las identidades diaspóricas de las migrantes Latinoamericanas.… Continue reading Tejido de territorios de identidad: Presentación en español

Published thesis – year 1

My thesis project is now published, and it’s an open resource for everyone to read, refer to and discuss: Storytelling for intercultural dialogue: experience design with unaccompanied minors from Afghanistan. Using theoretical basis of decolonising and feminist theories, this project was developed as a facilitated codesign process, where the participants -a team of friends from… Continue reading Published thesis – year 1

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